OPEXIO Tagline

ComplianceMetrix (CMX) enables Food Service, Hospitality and Retail Companies to achieve Operational Excellence, gain insight into their customers and protect their brand.

Food Services, Hospitality and Retail companies strive to distinguish themselves through quality products, excellent service and the ability to execute efficiently. In today’s competitive environment, the companies that stand out from the rest are firmly committed to the practice of Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is a management philosophy designed to achieve excellence by focusing on continuous improvement, customer experience and employee empowerment, while optimizing existing activities in the process. The path to achieving Operational Excellence starts with a solid organizational commitment, a strong operational team and the right technology partner.

CMX provides the industry leading platform and solutions designed specifically to help Food Service, Hospitality and Retail companies. Companies choose CMX for our deep operational and compliance expertise, innovative technology platform and collaborative approach to partnering with clients.